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Junior Associate Membership 

RSCDS New Zealand Branch

Welcome to the Junior Associate Member (JAM) pages of the RSCDS New Zealand Branch. JAMs are junior and senior Scottish Country dancers up to and including age 19. Young dancers can register as JAMs when they start dancing. The cost is $5 each or $10 per family. This entitles them to receive the newsletter 'Jigs & More' three times a year.

JAMs who are interested and have achieved the necessary level of dancing ability can apply to take Medal Tests from the age of 8, when these are being held (talk to your club/group teacher). Medal Tests begin at Bronze Medal level and end at Gold Bar - see Medal Test page.

JAMs are a national group with members all over New Zealand who are able to get together at Weekend Schools, JAM Camp (every second year, the next one is in Auckland in 2019) and Summer School, where JAM classes are offered.

Diane Bradshaw

Youth Co-ordinator


DID YOU KNOW?  JAMs have a facebook page - the link is https://www.facebook.com/RSCDSJAM/



2019 - JAM Camp - Auckland