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Branch Youth Fund
Do you need: Dance shoes for lending out to your junior dancers? Travel costs to get you to a youth event? Rent for a hall for running a youth dance workshop? Travel costs for a great teacher to come to JAM Camp? Accommodation costs so you can have a musician for a youth class?

The Branch Youth Fund is now up and running – the documents setting up the Fund are now available here Statement of Purpose and Terms .

The Branch Youth Fund is for use for events, activities or resources that encourage or facilitate youth Scottish country dancing in New Zealand - which includes encouraging JAMs to continue dancing as they transition to university and work. The age criterion therefore stretches out to 30, rather than the JAMs’ maximum age of 19.

The Fund will only pay grants from interest on the funds held – so the Management Committee are also happy to receive donations ‘tagged’ for youth dancing, which will be added to the Branch Youth Fund capital.

Youth dancers, teachers or organisers of events can apply for funds for any future project which is intended to encourage youth dancing or dancers in New Zealand. Preference will be given to RSCDS members (including JAMs).

Send your application to the Branch Youth Coordinator by 1 June or 1 December in any year. Please read the full Application Form and the Statement of Purpose and Terms carefully, so you know what you can apply for, and what you can’t; and what we will expect of you if you are awarded a grant.

Application Form