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Brief History of JAM

During the Council Meetings of the New Zealand Branch held in Nelson at the 1996/97 Summer School, a proposal was put forward to form a Junior Associate Membership Committee. This was agreed to and the Inaugural committee comprising of Raynor Stratford, Katharine Hoskyn, Wendy Jaeger, Deanne Corps and Debbie Roxburgh began its first year.

Junior Associate Membership had been in existence in the New Zealand Branch for ???? years and was administrated by the Secretary. As Junior dancing was becoming more wide spread throughout New Zealand, the increased membership dictated the need for this Special Interest Committee, to help in the expansion and encouragement of dancers and groups.

The Committee's first task was to update the register of young dancers and to produce their first newsletter for 1997. Registration involved Clubs/Classes and dancers and resulted in 187 members and 16 Classes receiving newsletter number 2. By the end of 1997 ( newsletter number 4 ), 318 JAM Members in those same 16 Classes were registered with the New Zealand Branch.

The newsletters each contained a "Word" from someone special e.g. the Branch President, JAM Convenor, Vice-President, a Councillor. Each newsletter contained a competition which could be entered by all age groups. Competitions included finishing a story about Fluffy McDermitt, designing a LOGO for JAM, deciding on a name for the newsletter, and drawing Fluffy McDermitt. Other items for inclusion have been - dances, advertisements, stories about experiences, and a special "Do you know?" page.